Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the newest Call of Duty Series game that Treyach has developed. The multiplayer game has an interesting storyline that allows you to fight against zombies. You will be able to personalize the game in different ways including gameplay options, difficulty levels, and unlockables.

The storyline of the single player mode offers a few endings for you to choose from. The storylines you choose will determine the ending of the game. There are a lot of conversations between the characters in the storyline. The game sets in the Vietnam war era up to the present day. It was easy for me to understand the story because there are cutscenes that show the latest events. There are a number of difficulty levels to choose from in the single player game mode. The game can be played again and again especially for people who want to see the endings. The Strike Force Mode, which involves a different mission, is also playable in the single player story.

The single player game is a basic first person shooter game. You have to modify the loadouts in every mission that you undertake. There are many options in the menu for you to choose from. You will be able to use different types of grenade bombs including deadly and not deadly grenades. There are also other types of weapons including advanced weapons, and weapon accessories. You can customize the gun in several ways including length of time the gun take to reload, speed of the machine gun, extent of damage and etc. Apart from gun and bombs, there are also special weapons such as horizontal bow, knife with removable blade, shoulder-fired missile, tactical tomahawks, and other types of unusual weapons.

Strike Force Missions

Strike Force is a slightly different gameplay mode that exists in the single player game. You have to command soldiers to attain your objectives within a short time frame just like the real time strategy game. There is a limit on the number of troops you can use in the mission. You will be able to get an overview look of the enemies and how well your troops have been doing. I enjoy the Strike Force Mode in the Call of Duty game.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

The multiplayer game mode allows you to fight against zombies in cooperative mode. You can also play the versus mode in the multiplayer game. I enjoy both game modes although each of them have their own flaws. Some times is really hard to find good working black ops 2 hack tool online in these there are so many scammers.

Black Ops 2 Zombies

In zombies mode, you will have to face with a large number of zombies in various scenarios. There is a metro station that you have to visit. There are four maps that feature the zombies mode. You can survive the zombie attack by using parts found in different areas to create special parts that can be used to unlock doors and devices. You can use the vending machines to increase your power ups. It will give you more power to fight the zombies when they come to attack you in large number. Points can be earn when you kill the zombies. You can also earn points by creating obstacles in the window/doorway. The points you earn can be used to purchase a wide range of weapons and upgrades. You can use to bus to travel from one destination to another destination while trying to protect yourself from the zombies. I enjoy playing the Zombies mode. The zombie mode is suitable for people who enjoy a cooperative experience.